Roboform Version 6.9.88 Free

Password keeping and Internet registration forms automated filling software

Roboform is what Robocop uses when he wants to log into Facebook, Twitter (you'd be amazed by the twits he releases), and YouTube (as he uploads videos of himself singing in the shower. Besides the rust, it's quite good, although a Baritone isn’t what you expect from Robocop).
To make a short story shorter, Roboform is a popular password manager and internet forms filler that takes care of any web form you might encounter while surfing the web. Instead of wasting precious time (which you can put to better use by listening to Robocop's YouTube channel), risking typing errors that usually clear up the entire form and have you typing everything in all over again, you can let Roboform do the job for you.
It can also memorize your passwords and automatically log you into websites that require admission by entering passwords. Worry not, it encrypts your memorized passwords thus protecting them from being found by others. If you're still worried, it can generate passwords for you by using random combinations impregnable to hackers. It can rid you of the need to manually fill in long and exhausting application or payment forms. By not typing in passwords and personal information it practically disables keyloggers that might be installed with you being none the wiser.
All in all, we're talking about quite an efficient tool that will save you precious time, save you annoying trouble, save you from malicious attempts, and save the endangered Black Rhino from further endangering its entire specie by using easy to hack passwords (yes, rhinos do use passwords. It's a whole culture you're unaware of).
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